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I took a group class at Let"s Dance Studio, loved it. The instructors are friendly. I had a great time.

Of places I have tried Let"s Dance provides the best mix of an easy learning style and a very friendly and helpful environment.

There is always a practice partner for lessons. Sometimes the student to instructor ratio is 2 to 1 or even 1:1 and the instructor is your partner.

Dancing allows us to explore and express a new aspect of our relationship and pulls us out of our usual weekly routine.

Dancing keeps us smiling and laughing together.

Dancing is an overall enjoyable experience, including the benefit of exercise and the closeness we have experienced together.

I like the challenge of performing better together and also the part of taking care of each other throughout the dance.

I"ve enjoyed discovering that I"m capable of learning to dance and expanding my dancing abilities. I"ve also enjoyed the growing family of friends who have patiently nurtured my growth as a dancer and more often than not been there as a support literally and figuratively.

Dancing is a common hobby allowing us to connect on a very personal level.

We enjoy learning to challenge ourselves.

I enjoy making new friends I wouldn”t have met otherwise.

Dancing is a very pleasant type of exercise to keep fit.

We really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment learning something new, even if it is difficult at times. We also enjoy the great group of people we meet.

We get to spend time together.

We enjoy learning new skills.

I enjoy spending time with my husband doing something fun.

I love music and I was tired of just bouncing around the dance floor.

I like to learn something new that we can experience together and also enjoy in a social setting.

I enjoy the challenge of working outside my comfort zone. Progress is slow, but rewarding.

I enjoy learning new things, expanding my comfort zone, meeting new people and forming new friendships.


Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

- Martha Graham
a premier American leader in dance